Property Value

What's my NoCo home worth?

With my math background, I love crunching numbers! Contact me for an annual real estate review for your financial portfolio, a bi-annual property tax challenge or to list your home and I'll gladly break out my calculator.


Buying Homes

When to jump in

Similar to having a baby, if you wait until you feel 100% ready, you'll never do it. I'm not saying don't prepare, but at some point you have to make the decision to jump into the game. A great place to start is by calling a lender or two.

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Selling Homes

Exceeding Expectations

No doubt, stress will come to play, but why not invite a little fun too? This is an exciting time for you. I welcome the opportunity to walk through your home, help you stage it, find the best angles for photos, spread the word and get buyers interested!

Keyboard and Mouse


[Amy] provided the perfect balance of compassion and productivity. Her professional expertise was matched only with her kindness, humor, and sensitivity through the challenges of saying good bye to a property full of loving memories. If you are looking for an honest, professional, kind and competent Realtor, I highly recommend Amy Childers.

—  Nancy


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