Tire Swing
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Who I am

From the words of the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire…In Midwest Iowa I was born and raised. On a tire swing is where I spent most of my days. In addition to watching mindless sitcoms and swinging from trees, growing up I was also infatuated with numbers. I literally counted everything, arguing with my dad right down to the number of peas I would eat at dinner. While this greatly annoyed him, it also successfully led to being on the school math team and even considering becoming an actuary in college. But just like the hurdles I ran in high school, my creative side presented a challenge to that path, so I majored in Marketing and minored in Math. I always thought that never fully committing 100% to either was a detriment until I found real estate.


Not surprisingly, I took the Family Circus meandering career path to real estate…ironically first working in career planning before moving on to emergency management and even as a youth orchestra executive director before moving into design and construction. This is where I eventually found my passion, which led to starting a house renovating business with my mom and ultimately getting my real estate license. I consider real estate to be our best financial investment, but I don’t want to show you how I did it…I want to show you how you can do it!


Challenges motivate me to dig deeper and by my math nature I am a problem solver. So, if you are ready to invest in real estate, call me. I won’t give up until we’ve found the numbers that work for you, and my creative side can’t wait to help you think outside the box to do it.